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Testing Information

Want to join Mensa? Curious?

Testing is typically held monthly and announced about 1 month before the date. Check the Calendar in the Events section for the dates, times, and locations.

Testing takes a little less than two hours. A score at or above the top 2% will qualify you for an invitation to join Mensa. To take the test, you must be 14 or older, and any test-taker who has not yet reached the age of 18 will need the written permission of a parent or guardian. Mensa also offers culture-fair, non-language tests for those for whom English is not a primary language.

To find out the dates, location, and details for tests, please go the Events calendar and click on the testing event. To register for a test session, email our Testing Coordinator at Pre-registration is not required but it is to your advantage to do so. In the unlikely event that more people show up for a test than can be accommodated, those who have pre-registered will receive preference over walk-ins. Also, it will allow you to be notified in the unlikely event that a test session must be canceled or rescheduled.

Submitting prior test scores for acceptance: If you think that you might qualify for membership based on a test that you have already taken, read the FAQs are on the American Mensa website: Prior evidence is the only way someone under 14 can become a member of Mensa.

Good luck!

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