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We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.

Board of Directors

Gunny Hartman - President  

Ken Roberts - Vice President  

Cathy Allshouse - Treasurer  

Juan Faura - Board Member At Large  

Jonathan Bethune - Board Member At Large  

Chris Cree - Board Member At Large  

Appointed Positions

Bill Rock - Gifted Youth Coordinator  

Rebecca Raymond - Testing Coordinator  

Roger Durham - Ombudsman  

Sara Hawkins - Calendar Chair

Ken Roberts - Membership Chair  

Cookie Neely - East Texas Area Coordinator  

Pam Kittenbacher - North Texas Area Coordinator  

Karen Brack - Program Chair  

Gunny Hartman  - S.I.G.H.T. Coordinator  

Bill Rock - M-Aura Editor   

Val Beasley - M-Aura Circulation Manager/Publisher  

Lauren Ogden - NTM Scholarship Chair  

Karen Brack - RG Chair  

Andy McKellar - Webmaster Emeritus  

We provide extended warranties from leading industry suppliers and comprehensive maintenance programs.

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